Slow As Lightning

  • Western
  • 19 December 1923
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Our hero Jimmie March works for stockbroker E.J. Philips and daydreams of romance with Eleanor, the boss's lovely daughter. Unfortunately, Eleanor is dating Mortimer Fenton, a wealthy cad who used to push Jimmie around in college. To add insult to injury, Jimmie gets fired. All seems lost until a gypsy fortune teller foretells that he'll make a bundle playing hunches in the stock market. So, he convinces his buddies to lend him some money and invests in stocks that then start to skyrocket. However, Fenton isn't about to take that lying down and subsequently hatches a plan to wipe his rival out for good... Will Jimmie's fortune come true? Will he be able to defeat Fenton and win the heart of the girl? Watch and find out!